About Us

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We are a husband & wife team who’s journey renovating homes began over a decade ago, in 2006, when we renovated our first condo and survived to tell the tale!  Since then, we’ve grown personally and professionally to become business partners, parents to a wonderful daughter, date-night enthusiasts, custom home builders, renovators, designers, and licensed realtors — and through it all, we remain best friends and love what we do each and every day. We started our real estate company, Relief Properties, Inc in 2012 to specialize in buying, selling, and renovating distressed properties. Since then, we’ve expanded our services and have bought, sold, restored, and developed over 58+ properties in the greater Cleveland area!

Since then, Relief Properties has continued to grow into to a full-service real estate company. Our mission is to change the out-dated ideas and methods of buying & selling your home and connect the renovation and custom home building worlds together to be your one-stop shop. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients a fully customized experience that nobody else in Cleveland can offer.

Our services include:

  • A team of experienced agents to help you buy or sell your home.
  •  “First dibs” access to our large inventory of current renovations & new construction homes to purchase directly from us and customize to your preferences.
  • Reputable contractors, forward-thinking architects, and talented in-house designers to help you build your custom dream home from the ground up, renovate your existing home, or buy your own “fixer upper”.
  • A trusted network of title companies, mortgage brokers, credit repair companies, home inspectors, and property management companies to make your buying transaction smooth.
  • Access to our large database of professional photographers, home stagers,  & estate sale companies to assist in the selling process.
  • Investment opportunities to broaden your portfolio and break into the real estate market without the headache of managing the project or property yourself.
  • Coaching education to learn directly from us how to “flip” and wholesale properties.
  • “We Buy Houses Cash!” – Yes, that’s us from the signs on the side of the road! We are one of the largest (and local) home buyers in Cleveland! We buy homes with *all cash*, and in any condition. We’ll buy it “as-is”, with no inspections, appraisals, fees, or realtor commissions.

We believe there is so much more that a real estate company should offer.  Our vision is to change the outdated, and overwhelming processes of traditional buying and selling, renovating and building, renting, or investing – where each is a separate, and stressful process that requires too many entities and moving parts. We combine each of those parts and cover every aspect of the transaction to be your one-stop-shop.  We’re changing the way it’s done! With fresh ideas and accessibility for all – Real estate transformed!