Leah H. – Home Buyer
“We wanted to thank you for making our dream home a reality! We fell in love with the first property we saw of yours and still can’t believe we now own one! We are truly in love with our home and can’t thank you enough!”


Sharon S. – Home Buyer
Our experience with Relief Properties was positive from day one. My husband and I were extremely impressed with the professionalism from the entire team. They had amazing attention to detail and were very responsive to our questions and concerns. Darren and his team are personally taking the eyesores from these communities and turning them into viable and beautiful homes. I highly recommend this team!


Jennifer W. – Home Seller
“My daughters spent the last 8 years of their lives there before we had to sell. To see the potential of our old home actually brought to life is beyond surreal! Amazing job on the renovation. Thank you, and best wishes!”


Wendy H. – Home Buyer
Dear Darren and Kate,  We wanted to write to tell you how much we LOVE our “New” home!  We can not praise Relief Properties enough for the excellent job they did refinishing our home.   Before it was ours, the first time we walked through our home we knew it was the right fit for our family.  Relief Properties updated all the necessary items, while keeping the 1911 charm and beauty.  We love that you kept the beautiful stained glass and built ins, as well as our gorgeous hard wood floors.  We love the updated Kitchen with the trendy two-tone cabinetry, huge sink and updated appliances that all fit so nicely.  The color scheme was perfect to fit any decor or “theme” that we wanted to pursue.   Our curb appeal is another thing that hooked us right away to this beautiful home.  We loved it so much we had HGTV follow us around to watch us pick it!!Not only did we love the look of our home, but we appreciate the process it took to make it our own.  Along with our realtor, Darren helped the transaction go very smoothly and went out of his way to accommodate our needs in order to get us into the home of our dreams.    
We will be forever grateful for Relief Properties and the work that they do in our Community to restore the beautiful Century homes and the breath-taking new construction homes.  We tell all of our friends to check out the homes by Relief Properties! Thanks again for making our dreams a reality!


Erica B. – Home Buyer
“Being a real estate agent myself, I have heard and seen the horror stories of purchasing a rehabbed home. I had never even considered purchasing a home that had been “flipped” by an investor. However, I had the privilege of working with Relief Properties on several transactions prior to purchasing a home and was able to witness first-hand this company’s overall professionalism and the pride they take in their finished product. It isn’t often that you see people in this line of work that put customer satisfaction at the absolute top of the priority list. What they are able to accomplish with the homes they purchase and sell is amazing. Their designs are appealing and the quality of the work is outstanding. I was so impressed by what this company was able to do that when my husband and I started looking for a home for our family, we reached out to Darren right away. We purchased a home from Relief Properties in December of 2014 and it was worth every penny. They went above and beyond to make sure every detail was perfect for us prior to closing. After closing Darren made it a point to make himself available to answer any follow up questions and extend the services of his company should we need anything. We have nothing but good things to say about Relief Properties, and we thank them for a unique and wonderful home!”


Mike N. – Investor
“Prior to investing with Relief Properties, my investments were primarily trading stocks, using covered calls, traditional 401k/IRA mutual funds, and variable whole life insurance products as well as investing in the growth of my business. After several roller coaster rides in the stock market I was looking for something less volatile to diversify into – something “different”. I had seen several of Darren and Relief Properties’ previous projects and knew them to be a class operator. While I continue to invest in my previous strategies I am glad that we decided to go with Darren & Kate and Relief Properties.”


Mary Ellen C. – Home Seller
“I lived in my home for 17 years, raised my family there, and made lots of memories. I cannot thank you enough for extending the move out date. As a single, 60 year old woman, it is a hard job to pack and find a liquidator, as most were booked. You have NO IDEA how much this meant to me and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did a good thing. Thank you.”


Tony M.  – Home Buyer
“Working with Relief Properties and Darren Mancuso was one on the best home buying experiences.  Once I saw the craftsmanship that Relief Properties incorporates into each and every home, I was sold.  The purchasing process was hassle free, and Darren was there every step of the way to ensure everything was handled with ease and integrity.  In fact, I have now come to enjoy going to the open houses of their new properties — they are all unique and individualized.  I love my home and plan to enjoy it for many years to come!”


Ryan M. – Investor
“My wife and I have been extremely pleased investing with Relief Properties.  We started investing over a year ago and everything has gone very smoothly. We are currently investing on our fifth property.  Darren and Kate Mancuso have been tremendous to work with as they have an extensive amount of experience in real estate and are always very easy to access whenever we may need them. There are many types of investments out there and investing with Relief Properties is a very simple and stress free way to yield high returns.  have known Darren for over 40 years as we grew up across the street from each other and I can speak on behalf of his character.”


Gail D.  – Home Buyer
“We interacted with Relief Properties on two levels–first as a homebuyer, and second as next-door neighbors to one of their projects for several months. Moving 600 miles and buying sight unseen aren’t circumstances anyone chooses if they can avoid it, but in our case, we were incredibly fortunate to purchase a house from Darren Mancuso’s group. Not only did the property we purchased check all our boxes, they were a breeze to work with through the closing process. And Relief’s warranty gave us peace of mind and kept us from worrying about any surprise big expenses after moving in. It’s not just that Relief uses quality materials in their renovations and turns out beautiful properties; they also stand by their product. And while living next to ongoing construction and renovations is never ideal, the team was respectful. We have high praise for Relief and feel they are a great asset to Lakewood and the greater Cleveland area!”


Brandon J.  – Home Buyer & Investor
“My wife and I were not really thinking about moving when we came across our current home.  However, when we saw this house we were blown away.  In addition to it having all of the amenities that we were looking for, we loved the design.  From the hardwood floors and the stone countertops to the fireplace design and appliance choices, each decision worked to create a beautiful home.  It is easy to see how much thought Darren and his colleagues put into making this a great place to live.  Our experience purchasing this house has been extremely positive, both because of the quality of the home and the care and communication that we received from Darren and Kate.  Because of the great experience we had purchasing this house, it was a very easy decision to also invest with Relief Properties.  We are confident in the service that Relief Properties is offering to the city of Lakewood and the surrounding communities.  Their dedication to purchasing houses that are in significant disrepair and creating beautiful homes is to the benefit of all residents.”